Comment installer Linux depuis le disque dur ou une clé

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En premier récupérez l’iso de votre choix (install,LiveCD de votre distro)

Ouvrez ou montez l’iso puis cherchez les deux fichiers suivants:

(the kernel file is shown in green and the Ram disk is shown in red)

Fedora: vmlinuz and initrd.img

Suse: linux and initrd

Mandriva: vmlinuz and all.rdz

Ubuntu: vmlinuz and initrd.gz

Gentoo: gentoo and gentoo.igz

Knoppix: vmlinuz and initrd.img

Slackware: bzImage and initrd.img

Debian: vmlinuz and initrd.gz

Ouvrez votre grub.lst et ajoutez

title Install Linux
root (hdX,X)
kernel /distro/Linux_kernel
initrd /distro/Ram_disk

Replace Linux_kernel and Ram_disk with the appropriate file names below.

title Install Linux
kernel (hd0,0)/boot/Linux_kernel
initrd (hd0,0)/boot/Ram_disk

On rédemarre, on choisit le choix que l’on vient de créer et c’est parti!

During the setup you will be asked the source of installation. Choose hard disk and then select the hard drive partition where you copied the ISO files. Sometimes you might have to type the whole path of the partition and the exact name of the ISO. So write it down before you begin.

Les commandes :

From the terminal enter these commands

sudo mkdir /distro
sudo chmod `whoami`:`whoami`
cp MYLINUX.iso /distro/distro.iso

Now extract Linux_kernel & Ram_disk to /distro#
Open /boot/grub/menu.lst
Reboot and select « Install Linux » from grub.

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