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AWS Services Listing

Posted at — Oct 26, 2019
AWS Services Listing

I needed an exhaustive and easy way to list all AWS Services.

This is what I have done to achieve that.

 # Download latest botocore service defintion
 # Create headers for output csv
 echo "\"ServiceFullName;ServiceShortName;ServiceAbbrevation\"" > awsservices.csv
 # Unzip inline only the service-2.json files and extract the services name with jq
 unzip -l | grep service-2.json | awk '{print $4}' | tr "\n" " " | xargs unzip -cqq | jq -c '"\(.metadata.serviceFullName);\(.metadata.serviceAbbreviation);\(.metadata.serviceId)"' | sort | uniq >> awsservices.csv
 # Remove the dl file
 # And show the result
 cat awsservices.csv